The values I aim to share in my coaching sessions are:







I believe in a holistic coaching process englobing the psychology of the horse and the rider in order to create a mindful and growing synergy

I believe that the purpose of the interaction between horse and rider is to function in a synergy. This means that the interaction between the horse and the rider when they are together can produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the two individual elements. This can, in my idea only function when a harmony is created between the horse and the rider. And, this harmony is only possible through the building of strong foundations of an authentic partnership. This authentic partnership is only possible when you learn connect to your authentic and vulnerable self. This is of huge importance because the horse is extremely sensitive to this and can detect any sign of incoherence between what is deeply inside of you and what you show of you to the world.


First, my coaching process is based on an ethical approach of horse riding. Horses are incredible beings and we should ask ourselves how to respect their physical and psychological integrity while training them for a certain purpose. I aim to develop a mindful, responsible, and sustainable art of riding horses through developing more awareness of the rider. In my mind, dressage should be at the service of the horse’s wellbeing and it should not be that the horse is a simple middle to get to our personal goals. What do we bring to our horses? What do they give us?

It is for me thus particularly important to be well informed about the consequences of our training methods on the horse’s physiology and body. I attach great importance to the study of the horse’s whole functioning. The same applies to the rider. Therefore, continuous learning is in my opinion necessary and I regularly follow education, seminars and document myself about scientifical studies.

Rider psychology

As a human, our biggest difference with horses is that we have an unconscious part in our mind. In this part of our mind lots of processes are working to help us managing our existence. We are so able to think about the past and the future. Those processes have the incredible power to protect us from some difficult or painful parts of our stories, our education, or experiences. Often, we are not aware of those processes which are playing a huge role in the way we feel but also, we behave with ourselves and with others. So, sometimes it can be unclear wherever a behavior is belonging to our horse or linked to our unconscious processes. Sometimes also we can behave completely unaware of those automatic processes going on in our brain and managing how we interact with our environment in our lives. My aim is to help you rise your awareness of those unconscious processes and to help you liberate yourself of the ones causing you problems, especially in the relationship with your horse. A clear mind is the beginning of a clear relationship to yourself, then to your horse, others, and the world. I believe that horse riding can really help us to become better humans in our daily life as well.

Horse psychology

In order to interact in a mindful way with horses, I believe that we should learn how they think and behave. Horses are very different from us, humans and have a diffeTo interact in a mindful way with horses, I believe that we should learn how they think and behave. Horses are quite different from us, humans and have a different way to function. Therefore, I think that it is of huge importance to understand the horse’s perspective and not to fall in the trap of anthropomorphism, not to “humanize” every behavior that horses have. It is in my eyes especially important to understand how horses are functioning with their herd in the nature and to understand why they behave in certain ways. I also attach huge importance in learning to read a horse’s body communication to understand how he feels in different training situations but also what those signs can mirror from our own behaviors, emotions, and thoughts.

The uniqueness of each horse and rider

In my work with you and your horse I aim to help you to connect with the best parts of both of you to realize your full potential. I believe in the power of the unicity of each human, each horse and of each horse-human couple. I aim to support you in your thinking and learning process through helping you getting more autonomy and freedom in your learning process. I will help you to develop your guiding line in a co-creative mindset.

An holistic approach

In the last years I have developped many skills arround coaching humans and horses. During your personalized coaching process I will pick up the most relevant exercices, techniques and principles in order to guide you and your horse. You can discover more about my skill set and experiences here.

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